Tuesday, 16 March 2010


I put on quite a lot of weight while pregnant, but a few weeks after the mousling was born I was back down to being only seven pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight, and I was rather pleased - people kept telling me how I'd always be fat and wobbly, and I was worried about that. I've never had my body look the way I want it to (not really skinny or anything like that, though) and I hated the thought of getting big for other reasons which I won't go into.

The trouble is, my depression has come back big time, and I've been comfort-eating vast quantities of chocolate which has led to my putting on another ten pounds. I'm really cross with myself, and am resolving to think more about what I eat, spurred on by this book. The author discusses the ways we are tricked - or trick ourselves - when it comes to portion sizes, food choices and the difference between wanting to and needing to eat.

I'm also going to start regular exercise, more than just pushing the pram around, and I'll be logging my exercise sessions here to keep myself motivated.

Wish me luck!