Wednesday, 11 June 2008


Rightio then, well I'm Nettie and I'm 28 (we'll just keep the fact I'll be 29 in a month or two a secret shall we?) and like the others I'm here to keep motivated and get healthy.

I've always had fluctuations in my weight, I've been super skinny at times and extremely big. When I was a kid I spent most of my time in hospital with really bad asthma and my weight at those times would drop dramatically and so when I got out I would be fed like a horse to try and regain some weight before I was hospitalised again. Then as a teen I got big again only to stop eating in my final year of high school and my weight plummeted. Then I got big again (tipped the scales at 95kgs - ouch). About a year ago I started counting calories and got serious with my exercise and I lost 15kgs. I've recently had some really crappy months and now I'm trying to get back on track.

Did you know that the majority of Australians are overweight or obese? I guess you probably do since most of the Western world is overweight or obese.
Well, my main goal in all of this is I don't want to be a friggin statistic.
Obviously I want to be healthy, I want to have kids, and yes I do want to look great in tight fitting clothes, but above all else, I don't want to be that anonymous fat person chowing down a hamburger in Murray St Mall caught on camera by some stupid film crew doing a 'fat Australians' segment for Today Tonight.

So lets step on board and see where this journey takes us :)

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Shawna said...

Sounds like good goals, gal. And sounds like you're doing well so far! Keep it up--we're here for you!