Saturday, 28 June 2008


I know that I have a problem when it comes to lunches when at work. I tend to be lazy and grab a sandwich from the supermarket, and they are all scarily fatty.
So, I've been trying to be good this last while, and do better.


Monday and Thursday I bought sushi packs from Boots. Low fat, and very yummy (although they don't include enough wasabi paste).

On Tuesday, I brought a salad from home - spinach, tomatoes, spring onions, sweet orange peppers, chicken breast, croutons and a spoonful of garlic salad dressing.

Wednesday was pasta day. I made a pasta with a red pesto sauce, with grilled peppers, tomatoes, lean bacon and mange tout.

Ok, I have to admit that, on Friday, I bought shop-made macaroni cheese. It was ludicrously fatty, but delicious.


Mouse said...

For my lunches Monday-Thursday I usually make my lunch - a sandwich with thin-sliced beef and horseradish, or ham and tomato, and a tub of mixed fruit such as grapes, blueberries, nectarine, raspberries, blackberries, basically whatever's cheap in the supermarket!
On a Friday, though, I often treat myself to a shop-bought sandwich or pasta salad.

Nettie said...

I have a super dooper Tupperware lunch box that has several different compartments in it and I take all my sandwich ingredients to work in that. I hate soggy sandwiches so this way I make it just before I eat it so it's nice and fresh.
I take the bread with thinly sliced low fat cheese (I use Coon Light and Tasty shaved slices) in it with a bit of salt and a shit load of pepper then when at work add lettuce, tomato and cucumber. I also have an apple and all up I have a very yummy lunch that's only 222 calories.

Shawna said...

My lunches are normally leftovers from the night before, though if Lean Cuisine meals/sandwiches are on sale, I'll get those. Their paninis are awesome!

Mouse said...

*wants Nettie's lunchbox*